Los Angeles UFO Photo Analysis

The above photograph was taken at the time of the air raid and shows all the searchlights aimed at a flying object. The smaller white dots are explosions from the anti aircraft guns.


This is the actual image untouched. Note the coastline towards the bottom of the photograph.

  The area where the searchlights converge has been magnified and the object within the beams can be seen.

We have taken the original image and added a color filter to dramatically enhance the searchlights and flying object.

  This is the same image as before but magnified to show the object itself.
We have now adjusted the levels of the image to enhance the detail of the object. The image has not been altered, only the brightness and contrast have been changed.   We have now taken the image and removed the noise using a shadow/highlight filter. A single AA explosion remains.
With the levels adjusted the image has now been inverted. Dark areas are easier to analyze so we can perceive greater detail   Magnifying the object from the previous image shows that the large blob at the top is not part of the craft, but a very well aimed antiaircraft shell.
We now have the best enhanced image and from this we can see the shape of the craft..   Finally we now actually alter the image itself, removing the explosions and sharpening the lines of the craft itself. This is what was over Los Angeles that night. It certainly doesn't look like a weather balloon..
To help you see how we have enhanced the image we are providing a 'live' version of the enhancement below. The first image is untouched and by pressing play you will see the image gradually sharpen until the object is revealed. Try the negative button for a different perspective.


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