Shadow Man Photographed in Woods

Strange Sighting of 'Shadow Man' in Woods.
Here are extracts from the Email we received from a visitor to

...'I had this weird feeling. I turned around and saw this thing. I startled myself because I said out loud, "What in the Hell is that?!" (Excuse my French, but that's what I said) I didn't smell anything, I didn't hear anything, but one thing I did notice, the woods were extremely quiet in that area....'

'...My first initial reaction was to want to run screaming down the old road back to my truck (How's that for bravery? LOL!) but I got a hold of myself and decided that whatever this thing is might be set off by me panicking. In all honesty, we just stood there and stared at each other for a few seconds, it wasn't really close so I didn't see it clearly at the time. Then I screwed up every ounce of courage I had and slowly raised my digital camera and clicked off a couple of shots - I only had a couple left on the disk. I didn't know if my doing that would also set this thing off. Then I decided to get the heck out of Dodge. I
didn't run, but I walked rather briskly back down the road to my truck. Once again, I was concerned that if I bolted, I might make this thing react suddenly. Amazingly, though, I didn't feel I was really in
danger from this thing. I felt it would've already hurt me if it wanted to...strange I know, but maybe a shock reaction...I don't really know. Maybe it was just curious as to what I was doing and it didn't feel
particularly threatened by me. I'm 5'5" tall with a medium build so I don't exactly pose a threatening figure....'

'...I didn't see it again. I didn't hear anything or anyone coming after me but that doesn't mean it didn't follow me. But, it didn't move as far as I know. I did....'

Photographic Enhancement.
Below you will see a series of photographs starting with the initial image sent to us. From this we then proceed through a series of enhancements to bring out the detail hidden amongst the foliage. While our techniques do increase the clarity of an image, the deciphering of photographic imagery is still very subjective. We cannot definitely tell you what is hidden in the image but we can help you make a better decision yourself.


The above image is what we received. The area of interest is highlighted with a light green bow.

  The are of interest has been magnified so that we can concentrate on bringing out better detail.

Using a Contrast Enhancement we have revealed the definite shapes of two figures.

  Applying a Histogram Correction the shape of the figures is revealed even more..
We now magnify figure one "The Man", his face can clearly be seen here. A branch covers part of the face but the profile is quite clear despite this.   Here is figure two "The Dog". From enhancing the image we can see the shape of a dog emerge.
So that you are in no doubt as to what you are looking at we have removed all the surrounding foliage from the figure.   Again we have removed all the surrounding foliage from the figure to show its actual shape.

Paranormal Conclusions.
On CoasttoCoastam Nightly radio show and on other paranormal webistes and magazines we encounter reports of 'Shadow People' or Bigfoot sightings. The party that sent us these photographs was very sincere in their conecerns to what had been witnessed, and as anyone would be they were confused and intimidated by what they had seen.

In studying and analysing these photos and the account of what occurred in those wodds we have come to the conclusion that the figure in the phootgraph was in fact human, and most probably a poacher. The person was wearing military specification black camouflage. He was also carrying in his hand a hunting bow and he had with him a well trained hunting dog. His intent was to either blend in with his enviorenment or to give the appearacne that he was something other than a human being. While we are sure many sightings are unexplainable in human terms in this instance we answer the question that many have been asking, Are there really people out there wearing costumes, walking around in the woods contributing to the confusion of the Bigfoot phenomenom? Or at least taking advantage of it to hide their true identity? The answer is a resounding Yes.

Submit your Own Paranormal Imagery.
If this paranormal-investigation has impressed you then feel free to submit your own paranormal photographs for our scrutiny. More often than not we can enhance your images to better show the mysterious presence's that would otherwise remain blurred. Head over to the Make contact section to find out how to send your images to us.