Is there Life on Mars?

Latest images from Mars show some strange objects.

NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers, were launched toward Mars on June 10 and July 7, 2003, in search of answers about the history of water on Mars. They are scheduled to land on Mars January 3 and January 24 PST (January 4 and January 25 UTC). The first Explorer known as 'Spirit' is now on Mars and broadcasting its images and data back to Earth. It is these images that have proven very interesting to people in the Paranormal Investigation community who want to see if there is proof that there was intelligent lifeforms on Mars.

We have obtained up to the minute photographs showing the areas of interest and we have attempted to highlight and enhance the 'objects' that have been spotted. Not since the famous 'Face on Mars' has there been so much interest in the Red Planet and the possiblity of there being life there.

Let me take you on a Magic Carpet Ride.

One area on Mars that has raised more questions than any other is the so-called 'Magic Carpet'.
Scientists have dubbed the region the 'Magic Carpet' after a crumpled portion of the soil that appears to have been peeled away (lower left side of the drag mark). Rocks were also dragged by the airbags, leaving impressions and "bow waves" in the soil. The mission team plans to drive the rover over to this site to look for additional clues about the composition of the martian soil.

ABOVE: The Spirit Rover which is sending back the images from Mars.

RIGHT: Is the area known as the 'Magic Carpet'. It is this area that has given the most cause for concern. NASA plans on driving the Rover over the Magic Carpet to get a better look.

LEFT: From the bottom middles area of the image above we have focused on the three strange 'objects'.

BELOW: You can see the first object known as the 'Waffle Iron'.

The Waffle Iron.

This is the orignal image put through a contrast enhancement so that the detail becomes clearer.
We have overlayed a grid patten to highlight the actual grid on the object itself.
This is the same object shown from a different angle. The grid becomes even more prominent at this angle.

LEFT: This is a Digital 3D approximation as we lack the angles yet to do a military grade 3D compilation photo and are awaiting additional photos or we hope closer inspection.  

The 'C' Clamp.

This detail shows the 'C' Clamp object from the 'Magic Carpet'.
This is the same object shown from a different angle.
Here we have outlined the object to highlight its shape and apparent artificiality.
Clearly the object is artificial. One is left then to question could this be debris that fell off the Mars Lander itself, or perhaps something else? At this time JPL/NASA has not identified these objects.

Behind the Rock.

This detail shows a rock that has some unidentifiable objects behind it..
Here we zoom in on the actual objects themselves and darken the surrounding rock to show more detail.
This shows the rock and partially hidden objects from a different angle..

The fourth object.

There is also a fourth object to be seen in the images sent back from Mars. The rover has caputred what appears to be a Martian Bowl.
We have drawn around the object to outline its shape.
This is an aproxmiation of what the bowl could look look in 3D. The hollowness of the bowl is subjective as it cannot be discerned in the picture.

A photograph taken in 1976 by the Viking spacecraft that orbited Mars showed a remarkably human looking stone face about a mile wide. NASA's planetary scientists emphasized that it was a natural formation. In 1982 a book was published in which the authors claim that computer enhancement shows an eyeball in the face's right eye cavity, with a pupil near the center, and what looks like a teardrop below the eye. Visit this website for information on Artificial Objects On Mars.




Our thanks and appreciation to Richard Holigand of the with whom we collaborated on this project extensively, with his many photographic submissions and assistance in our mutual investigation at finding the truth. For ongoing research and the all the news about Mars anomalies we suggest Visiting Enterprise Mission