The Mysterious Coral Castle

The mysterious and beautiful monument to a lost love.

Was it possible for one man to build a huge structure that would be difficult work for a team team of experienced builders to accomplish? Did this mysterious builder re-discover the secrets that ancient civilizations used to build Temples, Pyramids and Stone circles? How can huge rocks weighing several tons each be moved and placed by one man who was 5-ft tall and himself weighed only 100-lb?

These are the mysteries of Coral Castle, location: Homestead Florida. The story goes that Latvian immigrant Edward Leedskalnin was a heartbroken man. His one true love canceled their wedding just one day before the ceremony, leaving Ed deeply saddened. It was this traumatic loss that drove Ed to erect a fitting memorial to his lost love. And so began the construction of Coral Castle in 1920.

The Castle consists of towers, megalithic moons, fountains, a "rock gate" and many other strange and mystical structures, all made from the strangely appealing coral, which in some cases is up to several feet thick. There is a 28 ton Obelisk inside the castle walls which are themselves 8 feet tall. No-one knows how Ed managed to maneuver the huge rocks into his Castle, he didn't have access to modern machinery and what tools he did have were rather primitive. Ed himself hinted that he knew secrets that have been lost in the mists of time, and his knowledge of magnetic forces of nature is what helped him single-handedly complete this feat of human achievement.

The mysterious secrets of Edward Leedskalnin.

Edward Leedskalnin died in 1951 and took the secrets of his construction techniques with him to his grave, but in the years since his passing many people have pondered on how he could have achieved what he did. Here are some of the theories put forward:

  • Some local people say they saw Ed place his hands on the huge rocks and start singing, this levitated the rocks.
  • Alternative science investigators claim Ed learned the secret of the 'world grid'. An invisible path of energies encircling the globe that can be utilized if the secret of harnessing them is known.
  • Some have suggested that Ed was able to "turn-off" gravity for his own benefit. Hence he could make the Coral rocks weightless and easy to move.

These theories seem outlandish, so what did Ed himself have to say about how he achieved his work? Well despite not giving the world a 'live' demonstration of how he lifted the huge rocks, Ed did try to explain in his own words how he did it:

"I understand the laws of weight and leverage....I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids. I have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons."

Ed flatly disagreed with modern science, and claimed that the scientists were wrong, 'that nature is simple.' He believed all matter consisted of individual magnets, and it is the movement of these magnets within materials, and through space, that produce measurable phenomena, magnetism, and electricity. These concepts 'involved the relationship of the Earth to celestial alignments.' He claimed to see beads of light which he believed to be the physical presence of nature's magnetism and life force, or what we term today, Chi."

So we are left with a Beautiful and mysterious monument to one mans lost love, and we are left with lots of unanswered questions. If you want to learn more about Edward Leedskalnin's mysterious magnetic harnessing then have a look at our Free Energy Research Article.

ABOVE: The Entrance to Coral Castle with a hand carved notice from Ed saying "You will be Seeing Unusual Accomplishment"

RIGHT: An aerial view of the Castle and the surrounding structures, showing the amount of work that was involved in producing this large complex.

LEFT: Ed carved huge megalithic style moons and planets which decorate the Castles courtyard.

BELOW: This is the famous "Rock Gate" in which Ed somehow perfectly balanced a 9 ton rock so that it would swing open with the push of just one finger.

Ed Leedskalnin wrote several booklets which he sold to tourists as they marveled at his structure. One of them, called "Magnetic Current" is available to read online at the link below. In it he reveals the results of two years of experiments with magnets. And Perhaps he reveals his secrets of levitation Decide for yourself by reading the article.